Stabilisator wechseln

Wechsel des vorderen Stabilisators bei 3.4L V6 Modellen

looking at the drivers side A-arm you will need two ratchets or wrenches both 1/2" to remove this bushing.

now time to lower the subframe. place your jack under one section and put pressure on the subframe, but not enough to raise the car off of the jack stands, remove these four 15mm bolts (2 on each side)

these two (only one pictured), side by side behind trans fluid pan (LA1)
15mm deep socket+extension IIRC

this bolt, just behind the previous two, backside, center of the subframe. 15mm (Bild 4)

another (this one is nice to have an air ratchet as its the longest effing bolt I've seen in my life) holds the backside of the A-arm. another 22mm I believe. (auch die Befestigung für den Querlenker)

now you can probably lower the rear of the subframe enough to remove the sway bar mounts, but you probably can't remove the bar. 
moving to the front of the subframe
this bolt is a 13/16" there are two of these, one on either side. remove them.

three in the front/center unpictured, 18mm.
you can now lower the subframe enough to get the bar out, but first you need to undo the mounts.
from here you can see the bolt for the drivers side mount, 15mm same design as the rear but now the bolt is on the backside, tab on the front. (its nice to have a ratchet with an extendable handle here).

now time for the passenger side mount. the nut on top is a 3/8" remove it then move the lines out of your way and use your 15mm deep socket on the bottom.

now remove the bracket and bushing from the bar and you will be able to pull it out from the rear of the subframe.

put your bushing on the new bar and push it back on top of the subframe.

now position your bushings correctly

grease your brackets and push them over the bushings, be sure to slide the front tab in the slot. bolt both sides down and bolt your subframe back up.

now replace the bushings on both ends



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